About Better MTB Coaching

The MTB instructors

Better MTB consists of Lina Skoglund and Steve Murphy. Together, we have extensive experience with MTB (trail, enduro and downhill) and a great passion that drives us.

We have worked as MTB coaches on and off over the years at, for example, various MTB camps and festivals, and Lina has worked as an MTB coach in Rotorua New Zealand in 2016. In the fall of 2020, we started the company Better MTB Coaching and conduct mountain bike courses full time.

The apartment is in Stockholm but we spend part of the winter in New Zealand, where Steve comes from. Between May and November we live in Järvsö when the bike park is open. During that period, we are responsible mountain bike coaches in Järvsö Bergscykel Park. A perfect arena for courses with an easily accessible lift and many tracks of different levels and terrain.


Lina Skoglund MTB Coach, MTB kurser i Järvsö. Erfarna cykel coacher för mountainbikekurser.

MTB instructor Lina Skoglund

Lina has always done sports, but for a long time it was horses, soccer and floorball. Mountain biking came later on in life but then she was hooked and started racing downhill. Over the years, there have been lots of racing in downhill and enduro with some nice titles as well.


The desire to constantly develop and not limit oneself mentally is probably part of the success. Starting to compete downhill at the age of 34 may not seem possible for everyone, but if the will is there, it can be done. The first World Cup in downhill was done on the 40th birthday and qualified in 13th place.


Marketing communication, e-commerce and project management was the everyday life until Better MTB started in 2020. 

Mountainbike coach Steve Murphy Better MTB instruktör

MTB instructor Steve Murphy

Bikes have been a big part of Steve’s upbringing in New Zealand. BMX at a young age followed by training hard and competing at an elite level in road biking in his 20s. After that, the focus was on MTB and Steve raced downhill from the late 90s.


From bikes with tiny suspension, which at the time were the best available on the market, to today’s standard, a lot has happened. But the love for downhill biking remains. Steve has a great eye for creative line choices, rides fast and very smooth.


Another passion is track building, both by hand and in digger machines. He is known to create tracks with good flow and knows how to use the terrain in the best possible way. Through the years it has been several projects in different locations. 

“The concept felt flexible and adapted to the group. It was fun to ride behind Lina and see/learn line choice and pace. Concrete and direct feedback. Lina feels very professional and committed!”


"The coach Steve was very good at adapting the lesson to my level and what needed to be trained. The coaching itself was also incredibly good and educational."


“Pedagogical and valuable review of technique and line choice. We managed so much in 2 hours!”

Jenny & Jörgen

“Everything from small to big was covered, while also getting in-depth into what I wanted to learn.”


"My husband and I shared the lesson and even though we were at different levels, we were both very satisfied with the tips & advice we received. We feel that we have both developed but also got to ensure and work on our basic position. Lina is patient, educational and challenging."


"Everything was really good through and through! From checking the bikes, basic stance, jumping and cornering technique. Very good with video coaching at the jump. Educational and inspiring!”


Our goal as mountain bike coaches

The focus when we have clinics is to listen to your needs and wishes. We then identify and analyze your strengths and weaknesses, go through and practice technique in different situations.


As a customer, we want you to receive relevant feedback and information so that you learn a lot during the lesson, both practically and theoretically. After the lesson, you have tools to continue the work.


We want to create a relaxed and safe atmosphere, inspire and give you tools for development and at the same time have fun.

Lina och Steve - MTB coacher i Järvsö Bergscykelpark.
MTB coach Lina Skoglund för Women's camp i Järvsö
Mountainbikekurs och camps med MTB coach Steve Murphy
MTB Tjejläger Järvsö Bergscykelpark under ledning av Better MTB.
MTB kids camp. Downhill i Järvsö.