E-Bike Skills Clinics

eBike skills clinics with MTB coach

E-MTBs (electric mountainbikes) is becoming more and more popular. If you have an e-bike and want to progress your riding or just get the basics right we offer eMTB clinics. The clinic cover the essential riding skills needed for progression and feeling confident in different terrain. Beginners to more experienced riders are welcome. 

Book e-mountain bike clinic with Better MTB. Improve your skills on your e-mtb in Jarvso and Stockholm.

Book e-bike clinic in Järvsö or Stockholm

A lesson with eMTB lasts 2 hours, around the XC trails in Järvsö or in the bike park (May-November). End of winter and early spring we are located in Stockholm. The clinic is tailored to your current level and if you have specific wishes. Usually there will be a lot of training on body position, braking technique, cornering and being active on the bike. We can practice cornering, keeping flow on trails, rooty and rocky sections, pumping, drops and jumps. 


Price: SEK 1 500 (one person). SEK 900 for additional person.

Mountainbike clinics for eBikes

An eMTB clinic suits all levels. If you are a beginner on e-MTB, it is good to learn the basics right from the start. If you are more experienced there are always room for improvement. A coach can give you feedback on your riding and is usually a very effective way to progress in the right way. With a heavier electric mountain bike, riding becomes different and new challenges are added. For example, practice technical uphills, braking technique with a heavier MTB, lifting the front wheel through power wheelie lift, wheelie drop and other situations that we face in the forest. Together with a coach, your riding can become both safer and more fun.


Biking with an E-Bike

An e-bike is a lot heavier than a regular mountain bike. The battery and motor add several kilos and it is not unusual for an electric mountain bike to weigh 25 kg. With the electric power, eco to turbo/boost, there is a lot of bike to handle. With good riding skills it is easier to tackle the terrain and get over roots, rocks and uphills and downhills. We are happy to help out with your development!

Content on E-Bike clinics

Areas we can practice on a clinic (depending on current level, your wishes and time): 

  • Body position 
  • Basic fundamentals
  • Braking technique
  • Weight distribution in the terrain
  • Bike setup
  • Being active on the bike – not being a passenger.  
  • Cornering
  • Wheelie drop
  • Front wheel lift
  • Manuals
  • Line choices
  • Riding techy terrain. 
  • Being smooth on the bike.
  • Drop and jump technique. 
E-bike clinics in Jarvso and Stockholm. Develop your E-mountainbike skills with a coaching class.

Vitus E-Sommet VRX intl. from Bikester Nordic

Our E-Bike from Bikester Nordic: Vitus E-Sommet VRX intl.


Motor: Shimano EP8, 250 watt.

Battery: Shimano Steps BT-E8036.

Front suspension: RockShox ZEB Ultimate 170 mm. 

Rear suspension: RockShox Super DeluxeSelect+ RT, DebonAir 167 mm. 

Brakes: Shimano XT

Wheel size: Mullet 29″ front, 27,5″ back. 

Size: medium

Vitus e-bike el MTB Bikester Nordics med cyklist Lina Skoglund

Vitus e-bike from Bikester Nordic

Loggor med Silva, POC, Houdini, Maxxis och Zerode Bikes.