Mountainbike Skills Clinics

Järvsö & Stockholm

Book a MTB & eMTB clinic - trail/enduro/DH

Progress your riding skills with a private lesson. During the season May to November we are located in Järvsö Bike Park, which we believe is Swedens best bike park. Trails for all levels. We tailor sessions for your current level and make sure you get tools and personal feedback so that you can achieve your goals. We can analyze your strengths and weaknesses and give direct feedback, which is an effective way to develop your bike technique.

Mountainbike skills lessons Jarvso Sweden. MTB progression with MTB coaching.

MTB private clinics in Järvsö Bike Park

During two hours we focus on your riding and work on areas you want to progress. It can include cornering, body position, brake technique, jumping, drops and more. In the bike park we can practice on built flow tracks, jump tracks or more technical downhill tracks. Järvsö Bergscykelpark (JBP) offers easy to advanced tracks.   
A private lesson can be up to 5 people if you want to do it with example friends or a partner (added cost/person). 
Price: from 1 500 sek (one person) SEK 900 for additional person.
Location: Järvsö Bike Park
E-bike lessons eMTB coaching with Better MTB

E-Bike skills clinics Järvsö & Stockholm

A lesson with eMTB lasts 2 hours, around the XC trails in Järvsö or in the bike park (your choice). The clinic is tailored to your current level and if you have specific wishes. Usually there will be a lot of training on body position, braking technique, cornering and being active on the bike. We can practice berms, natural sections, pumping, drops and jumps. We are in Stockholm spring and late autumn.


Price: SEK 1 500 (one person). SEK 900 for additional person.
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MTB instructors at Better MTB Coaching

Better MTB consists of us, Lina Skoglund and Steve Murphy. Together, we have extensive experience of MTB downhill and enduro. We have both raced a lot through the years and biked in many places around the world. We love anything from classic techy downhill tracks, to flowy built tracks, jumps and speed.


Our goal as coaches is to be able to see your areas of improvement and being able to explain in an understandable way. We want you to get a lot of personal feedback and tools so you can continue to improve even afterwards.

Mountainbike coach Lina Skoglund MTB instructor Järvsö and Stockholm.

MTB skills coach Lina Skoglund

MTB skills coach - mountainbike coach Steve Murphy

MTB skills coach Steve Murphy

Setup for mountainbike enduro/downhill clinics

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been biking MTB, enduro, downhill for a long time, there are always things to develop and get better at. If you are a beginner we can work on setting the basics right from the start. If you are more experienced, we will look at your riding and can train on specific areas. Since it is a private session we can tailor it to your needs and wishes. 

Master the basics

As all of us mountain bikers know, we are never done learning. But that’s also one of the charms with mountainbiking. What makes some riders better and faster than others is usually that they master the basics just a little bit better. By that we mean that they have, for example, slightly better cornering technique, braking technique and position on the bike depending on the situation. They simply master the execution of biking a little better. So it is worth spending time on the basics and fine-tune them. 

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“The joy and energy from Steve as an instructor was amazing! We both got very inspired and better riders after just a couple of hours with him.“


“Getting feedback from Lina helped me correct my basics which affected both my cornering and jumping confidence.“


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